Flowers in Shade and Sun

by Carl Strang

The parade of native wildflowers continues in my phenological study at Mayslake Forest Preserve. In the savanna, showy species have included wild columbine,

Columbine 1b

wild hyacinth,

Wild hyacinth 2b

woodland phlox,

Woodland phlox 2b

common cinquefoil,

Common cinquefoil b

Solomon’s plume (also known as false Solomon’s seal)

Solomon's plume 3b

and foxglove beard tongue.

Foxglove beard tongue 1b

Above, black cherry.

Black cherry b

Also, black locust with its fragrant flowers.

Black locust flowers b

Below, may apple.

Mayapple 1b

Meanwhile, in the open, the first marsh fleabane flowers have appeared.

Marsh fleabane b

In parts of the prairie, there have been abundant blue-eyed grass flowers.

Sisyrhynchium b

Scattered spiderworts have begun to bloom.

Spiderwort 1b

Near the parking lot marsh, the meadow contains this pasture rose

Pasture rose b

and this yellow avens.

Yellow avens 1b

Yarrow is widespread on the preserve.

Yarrow b

Common blackberry, a plant of sun to partial shade, has reached its flowering season.

Common blackberry b

A rich diversity of foliage promises much more in coming weeks.

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