Late Summer Prairie Wildflowers

by Carl Strang

The long season of the prairies’ floral displays continues at Mayslake Forest Preserve. In my first year there I am inventorying species and recording first flowering dates for future comparisons. We’ll begin with some goldenrods. The Missouri goldenrod blooms in late July, like the similar early goldenrod of Mayslake’s savanna.

Missouri goldenrod b

August adds the dissimilar grass-leaved goldenrod,

Grass-leaved goldenrod b

and stiff goldenrod,

Stiff goldenrod 1b

both of which grow abundantly at Mayslake.

Three species tower above most of the other prairie plants. One of them, the tall coreopsis, has relatively small, abundant flower heads.

Tall coreopsis 1b

Earlier  we met the compass plant. A close relative is prairie dock.

Prairie dock 3b

A third species in genus Silphium, though not as tall as the others, is rosin weed.

Rosin weed b

Though many of the prairie flowers appearing in this part of the season have yellow blooms, we also see the purple of Missouri ironweed.

Missouri ironweed b

New England aster is just getting under way, and will extend its flowering period into autumn.

New England aster b

The false sunflower does not appear to be as abundant at Mayslake as in some other preserves.

False sunflower 2b

Finally, here are the odd looking flowers of common gaura, a member of the evening primrose family.

Common gaura 2b

All too soon we’ll be entering the autumn chapter of this story.

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