Closing the Book on Prairie Cicadas

by Carl Strang

The prairie cicada is a small (1-inch) insect that occurs in a few remnant prairies in northeast Illinois. Work by Dennis Nyberg and associates at the University of Illinois Chicago has revealed much of what is known about them in the state. I first gained experience with this species a few years ago at the UIC’s Woodworth Prairie in northern Cook County, then quickly discovered them in two DuPage County locations. I expected then that I would find them consistently in prairie remnants, but this has not proven to be the case.

Prairie cicada, June 2017

Recently I finished checking the last of the remnant prairies I know about in the Chicago region, and have not added any more locations to the UIC group’s 8 sites (they also listed 3 sites in downstate counties). I have not found them anywhere in the region’s Indiana or Wisconsin counties.

All the sites are small, so all the populations are small and vulnerable. Mated females do not disperse beyond their little prairie plots, as far as anyone has been able to determine. If the species is to survive in the region, the landholders (mainly forest preserve districts and railroads) will need to continue managing those sites so that the prairies can persist, and prairie cicadas with them.


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