Singing Insects Guide 2017

by Carl Strang

The main product of my singing insects research is a guide, Singing Insects of the Chicago Region. Each year I update the guide with new information from the field season just past. The Chicago region for this project includes 22 counties from southeastern Wisconsin around to Berrien County, Michigan. Singing insects are defined here as the cicadas, crickets, katydids, and members of three grasshopper subfamilies with sound displays that people can hear (though the songs of some are so high pitched that only young people can hear them unaided). There are around 100 species, though some I haven’t found outside historical records.


The guide is available for free as a highly compressed PDF document that nevertheless occupies over 5MB, thanks to the many photos. There are maps showing current and historical county records, graphical devices indicating seasonal and time-of-day information, and descriptions of the insects and their songs. Information is presented as well on conservation concerns and ongoing range expansions. To receive the current version of the guide and get on the mailing list for future updates, send your request to me at

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