Singing Insect Season Opens

by Carl Strang

Last Wednesday the long silent drought of insect song was broken as I heard the first displaying green-striped grasshopper of the year, at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve. Then, on Friday, I found many of them buzzing in the south stream corridor prairie at Mayslake Forest Preserve.

This male rested after a relatively long flight.

This male rested after a relatively long flight.

If you want to listen for the crackling-wing songs of these grasshoppers, I posted a recording HERE not too long ago. They show up in all kinds of grassy areas.

I continue to be puzzled by green-striped grasshoppers. Sometimes their buzzing display flights are long, and fairly easy to see. Most of the time, though, I hear briefer buzzes and do not see any movement. Either I am not correctly locating the displaying insect, or they can buzz within the vegetation without flying. I don’t think these simply are very short display flights, because the grasses in that prairie are matted nearly to the ground. On the other hand, the males are well camouflaged, their wings are not colored like those of many of their relatives. On the longer flights they are most visible at the beginning and end, practically disappearing in the fast major portion.


1 Comment

  1. Lisa Rainsong said,

    May 6, 2015 at 7:56 am

    I’ve only heard their buzzing from down in the meadow grasses. I’ve never seen the display flight and certainly hope I do. I haven’t heard any Northern Green-striped Grasshoppers in NE Ohio yet, but hopefully soon…

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