Sound Ideas: Moonlight on the Hoodoos

by Carl Strang

This week’s sound recording is one of my compositions for tenor recorder. “Moonlight on the Hoodoos” began as an improvisation some years ago. I went down into Bryce Canyon (Utah) at dusk, and sat just outside a cluster of hoodoos, columnar rock formations for which that national park is famous.

Bryce Canyon scene

Bryce Canyon scene

Ravens flew over, on their way to their night roost. They deliberately called, a clear play behavior as the reflecting surfaces of the pillars echoed and distorted their vocalizations. The moon was full that week.

Bryce Canyon moonrise

Bryce Canyon moonrise

I got out the tenor recorder and began to improvise, like the ravens enjoying the echo effect. Some of what came out stuck with me and I later wrote it down, eventually developing the following recording.

Bryce Canyon is on the short list of places I’d like to get back to sometime.

Bryce Canyon vista

Bryce Canyon vista


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