Sound Ideas: Yellow Jackets

by Charlene and Carl Strang

Mom contributed a lot of humor to our family life. One illustration of this is a poem she wrote shortly after she and Dad got married. A few years ago I set it to music and titled it “Yellow Jackets” (she simply had headed it with the year, 1949):

Only fox squirrels live in the Culver area, no grays

Only fox squirrels live in the Culver area, no grays

In the fall, before the snow, in quest of squirrel we did go.

Ted – “The Hunter” – took his gun and I went along just for the fun.

To spot a squirrel was my desire and tell the man so he could fire.

We walked around the woods a bit ‘til Ted decided we should sit.

“You sit there, right near those trees,” said he, “And I’ll stay here.”

Before I sat, I heard some bees a-buzzing in my ear.

Around and ’round my head they flew

And Ted called out, “What’s wrong with you?”

I told him what the trouble was, said he, “Come over here.”

I did, and one bee followed me, and stung him in the ear.

One nice bee was friendly and got up my trouser leg.

A few more stings, and I’d have walked as limpy as ol’ Peg!

We ran real fast and lost them then, and went to hunt elsewhere.

I hope we don’t meet bees again, they just get in my hair.


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