Seeking Northern Limits: Confused Ground Cricket

by Carl Strang

One consequence of this year’s 22-county survey of singing insects is an improved understanding of how some species tail off in density toward the edge of their range. Earlier I highlighted this theme for the lyric cicada and jumping bush cricket. Today begins a series of 3 posts focusing on additional species, beginning with the confused ground cricket.

Confused ground cricket

Confused ground cricket

This is a woodland species, well distributed in the region but with a northern range limit within the 22-county area.

Map indicating the counties in which confused ground crickets are known to occur.

Map indicating the counties in which confused ground crickets are known to occur.

They are spottily distributed throughout the region, but usually in good numbers where they occur, especially toward the south. There are plenty in DuPage County, one of the two northernmost Illinois counties marked on the map. Kenosha County, Wisconsin, is marked because I heard a tiny group of confused ground crickets singing at the New Munster State Wildlife Area. I searched a number of other likely looking spots in that county and the other two Wisconsin counties, without finding this species. It was late enough in the season, though, that I need to make an earlier effort next year, and also to seek them in the other unmarked counties.


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  1. Lisa Rainsong said,

    September 30, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    This is a species that I find along the Lake Erie shoreline in dry woods and sandy soil. They are quite common on Kelleys Island in Lake Erie. I seem to find them again farther south in Ohio. I don’t find them in the NE Ohio areas I typically frequent, however, so I’ve tended to associate them with the lake shore from Lake County east of Cleveland west to Ottawa County not far from Toledo.

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