Kankakee County

by Carl Strang

The traveling singing insect survey took me to Kankakee County one day recently. It proved to be primarily an agricultural county, and I spent much of the day finding places to which I will not need to return. The county’s gem is Kankakee River State Park, and all the singing insects I had found elsewhere in the county also were there, a total of 15 species.

An attractive scene at Kankakee River State Park.

An attractive scene at Kankakee River State Park.

These included the first robust conehead and northern dusk-singing cicadas of the year. My past experience with that cicada was occasional songs during the day, from late morning through dusk, but those in the state park lived up to their name. None sang until about 15 minutes before sunset, but then many were singing. The robust conehead was a through-the-car-window identification. It was singing in an upland meadow, and there was no place to pull off. The only other possibility for that loud droning song after dark is the false robust conehead, but until I have confirmed the presence of the latter this far north I am inclined to go with robustus. At some point I will make a series of recordings to see if I can discover the more southern of these two sibling species in our area.

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