Northern Shoveler Species Dossier

by Carl Strang

In honor of the shovelers we saw during our Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, here is my somewhat paltry dossier of observations on this duck, which is strictly a migrant in our area. According to researchers their main direction of travel through northern Illinois is unusual: east-west, between the Atlantic coast and prairie breeding grounds.

Shoveler, Northern

Pair of northern shovelers, western Alaska

Pair of northern shovelers, western Alaska

I have seen these ducks regularly on Lake Maxinkuckee and Hawk Lake in Indiana during migration. Usually they travel as singles, pairs or in small groups. Males have a peculiar zipping call, noted in western Alaska, where occasionally I saw widely scattered individuals and pairs. There also was a call reminiscent of a flipped strip of metal. Usually they feed by sifting the surface of the water with sideways movements of their extraordinarily large bills.

15MR87. Shovelers were in a temporary pond along Geneva Road east of West Chicago.

20MR99. First shoveler of the year, IL.

26MR00. I observed 5 males and 1 female shoveler at McKee Marsh, 20 yards offshore, sticking their beak and sometimes their heads fully in the water and swinging them back and forth, but not tipping up.

24SE00. Several shovelers in small groups feeding at McKee Marsh, skimming the surface of the water.

Shovelers on May’s Lake

Shovelers on May’s Lake

14OC00. About 20 shovelers at McKee Marsh, all feeding by tipping up in contrast to their usual feeding style. No floating algae, and the water area still is large, though the entire corridor to the outlet is dry. Mainly they are in the center of the pool, though a few near the edge also are tipping up.

15DE12. A number of late-migrant shovelers were tipping up in the large pond in Timber Ridge Forest Preserve on the north side of Geneva Road.


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