Jumping Bush Cricket Range Expansion

by Carl Strang

In 1969, when Thomas Walker reviewed North American bush crickets, his paper (accessible through this link) showed the range of the jumping bush cricket, which then included the southern halves of Indiana and Ohio, and the southern third of Illinois. Since then they have expanded north, as I mentioned in my post earlier in the week which included photos of the species. The front of their northern extent now is in DuPage County. Here is where I have found them to date:

Green circles indicate locations, which in some cases represent one or two individuals, in others dozens.

The map is more representative of western DuPage than of the eastern half of the county, but I’m confident of the northernmost positions. The easternmost spread is taking place mainly along Salt Creek, and I imagine a similar expansion is happening along the Des Plaines River to the east. I know they have reached at least Batavia along the Fox River to the west. The northernmost circle in western DuPage was an isolated couple of individuals, and they were close to a plant nursery, so they might have been transported there. If so, it seems only a matter of a few years before the general front will extend that far.

Jumping bush crickets now are abundant in southern DuPage, the northern edge of their densest numbers this year roughly coinciding with route 56 (Butterfield Road).

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