Recent Mayslake Singers

by Carl Strang

There have been a number of singing insect photo opportunities of late at Mayslake Forest Preserve. The best, just yesterday morning, was the first long-spurred meadow katydid I have found on the preserve. I could hear its quiet song, but it took a while to find it, tucked into a clump of weedy plants a few feet out from the edge of a woodland.

This angle provided just what was needed to confirm the identification, the long spurs on the cerci showing clearly.

Earlier in the week I found a round-tipped conehead singing close to the ground in a tuft of grass.

This is the most abundant coneheaded katydid in DuPage County, the latest of them to mature and the only one that sings in the afternoon as well as at night.

Last weekend, one of the families on my night hike found a narrow-winged tree cricket on the sidewalk after we finished.

The flash washed out its image a little, but the brown cap and narrow wings show clearly in this photo.

Still earlier an Allard’s ground cricket, the most abundant of Mayslake’s ground crickets, paused while crossing a trail.

Unless the autumn is severe, Allard’s will sing well into November.

Numbers of singing insects are dropping, but there still are plenty to hear this season.

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