September Phenology

by Carl Strang

The few remaining plants to bloom in 2012 flowered in September, and provided an interesting reversal of the year’s trend prior to that month. Where previous monthly median differences between years had made 2012 earlier than 2009-2011, the September species were later in their first appearances than in those other seasons.

Common beggar’s ticks was a typical case, blooming 6 days later than last year, 3 days earlier than in 2010, and 11 days later than in 2009.

The median difference from last year for 11 species was 6 days later, with a range of 9 days earlier to 27 days later. The median difference was 11 days later in comparison to 2010, the 11 species ranging 17 days earlier to 28 days later. With respect to 2009, the median was 10 days later, 9 species ranging 2 days later to 24 days later.


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