Maxinkuckee Wetlands

by Carl Strang

Another area near Culver, Indiana that I wanted to check for singing insects was the Maxinkuckee Wetlands, a state conservation area. Much of it I will need to access by kayak on another occasion. My daytime visit did not produce much, but when I returned at night I was pleased to find a population of slightly musical coneheads, which I first had encountered in the previous week at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Unlike the mole cricket, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, the slightly musical conehead has a buzzing song.

Along the road edge of the property I heard a different conehead, and traced the song to a small oak.

The impressive volume of the song up close was enough to confirm the singer as a robust conehead. The dry habitat and cone free of black markings support the identification.

Maxinkuckee Wetlands is another site calling for continued exploration.

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