Mayslake Avian Update

by Carl Strang

With the frantic migration season fading away, birds have entered the frantic breeding season. Indeed, some birds already are on their second brood.

I took this photo of a robin fledgling back on May 22, and saw some second nests under incubation last week.

Birds continue to wander, however, and unexpected individuals pop up from time to time.

This coot showed up on May’s Lake one day last week, for example.

There always is something new to learn. On Thursday of last week I saw a female orchard oriole in the north savanna. She seemed to be at home, and so I returned there on Friday, mixing plant survey work with a wish to gain more information on the orioles’ presence.

It didn’t take long to find the male.

He was fairly vocal, but his song and call were more similar to those of the Baltimore oriole than other orchard orioles I have observed in the past (though lacking the loudly whistled “hey batter batter batter” call of that baseball-oriented bird). I had no record of this species at Mayslake last year, but now I wonder if I was hearing this male and labeling him a Baltimore oriole. There always is something new to learn.

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