Cruising for Crickets

by Carl Strang

Spring field crickets are singing in northeast Illinois, and it’s time to resume my study of field cricket geography in DuPage County. I’m trying to sort out why our two sibling species, the spring field cricket and the fall field cricket, don’t always occur together.

Green colors mark where I have found both spring field crickets and fall field crickets in previous years. Yellow locations had only fall field crickets, blue had only spring field crickets.

As you can see, there are large gaps I haven’t explored with respect to this question, so I plan to address this with some driving tours. The crickets sing loudly enough to be easily heard through open car windows when it’s calm, and sing consistently in the early evening, so that is when I have begun to seek them. The focus for now will be spring field crickets, and in the late summer I can follow up with a fall field cricket search.

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