Last Song Dates 2011

by Carl Strang

My final set of data from this year’s singing insects field season contains the last date on which I heard each species singing. The season ended with the last feeble song of a Carolina ground cricket on December 1, tying the local record for the latest song of any species.

Carolina ground cricket (female).

Among species for which I have 6 years’ data, in 2011 one species had its earliest finish, 3 second-earliest, 2 third-earliest, 3 fourth-earliest, 5 fifth-earliest, and 7 latest. The expected value in each category is 3.5, and the χ2 test statistic equals 6.78, making the ending dates statistically indistinguishable from an even distribution (P>0.01). The broader comparison of species for which I have data in the previous two years produces a median value of 6 days later than last year (n = 28 species, range 26 days earlier to 22 days later), and 6 days later than in 2009 (n = 25 species, range 35 days earlier to 40 days later). This year’s mild autumn no doubt accounts for the relatively late finish.


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