Mayslake Update

by Carl Strang

Life goes on at Mayslake Forest Preserve. Though there haven’t been any major stories to share lately, there are enough small ones to assemble into an update. We are reaching the end of the active insect season, but there still are a few straggling migrants coming through like this male green darner.

Normally shy, he was slowed by cooler temperatures, allowing a close approach.

I thought I’d added the last new plant species to my preserve list for the year, but then I ran into some smooth blue asters.

A small group of them is growing in a corner of the preserve where several other plant species have their only representatives, presumably from a past seeding.

Elsewhere I thought I found another new aster species, but apparently it was just an odd individual.

It keyed to panicled aster, but the leaves are narrower than most plants of that species at Mayslake.

Up at the friary site, large areas are greening with new growth.

The grasses look like recently seeded lawn grasses. I’ll be interested in learning what they are.

I continue to get out onto the preserve regularly, and will continue to share what strikes me as newsworthy.


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