2011 Flowering Phenology Final

by Carl Strang

With all the results in for 2011, I am able to make a season-long comparison of first flower dates between this year and each of the previous two. This year ended up very close to 2009, the net median first flower date for 178 species one day later than in 2009. This year was later than 2010 by 5 days, with 179 species to compare. One event which may have played a big hand in all of this was the blizzard in early February, followed by a spring cool enough to retain the lower soil temperatures and postpone plant development to the flowering stage.

Michigan lily

I am inclined to think that 2011 and 2009 were the exceptions, and we can expect most years to have earlier flowering seasons, but time will tell.


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  1. December 7, 2011 at 7:05 am

    […] in 2009 (n = 24 species, range 24 days earlier to 22 days later). Those values are comparable to the late flowering phenology pattern I observed at Mayslake Forest Preserve this year, which in turn reflected the soil-chilling February blizzard and the cool spring. […]

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