Fall Field Follow-Up

by Carl Strang

Earlier this season I reported on my search for spring field crickets in the Oak Brook area, where except for one little spot there is a curious lacuna in the distribution of that species in DuPage County. On Tuesday afternoon I followed the same route on my bike, listening for fall field crickets along the way.

I photographed this male fall field cricket last Monday at Mayslake Forest Preserve, which has no spring field crickets.

What a difference! Throughout the area that was quiet in the spring, scattered fall field crickets were singing. Later in the spring I checked some additional sites. On Saturday I went back to these, and again in every location found fall field crickets. Here is the updated county map.

Green colors indicate where I have found both spring and fall field crickets. Blue represents places with only spring field crickets, and yellow shows locations with only fall field crickets.

The three blue circles are on forest preserves, but in every case last year I found fall field crickets in residential neighborhoods or other properties just outside the preserve boundaries. Except for a few small areas such as these, fall field crickets appear to be ubiquitous in DuPage County. There remains the puzzle of the substantial area in eastern DuPage that lacks spring field crickets. Sometime this winter I will look at old aerial photos and see if they suggest anything, as landscape history is one potential influence.

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