Mayslake Botany Update

by Carl Strang

On Friday I walked up to the friary restoration site to see how it is coming along.

Scattered plants are poking up through the protective netting.

Some of these are weedy species, but others appear to be the products of scattered prairie seeds.

There were velvetleaf and coarse grasses that I suspect are barnyard grass, but also another abundant grass that probably is an intended cover species.

I continue to look for new grasses and sedges elsewhere on the preserve, and earlier found this one.

This is Cyperus strigosus, most commonly called strawcolored flatsedge but also known as long-scaled nut sedge. At Mayslake Forest Preserve it grows around the stream corridor marsh.

Conrad Fialkowski showed me another new one at that marsh, which as far as he knows did not grow at Mayslake before this year.

Hop sedge has impressive large fruiting heads.

He said it will turn a beautiful dark brown color before it is done.

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