Back to Botany

by Carl Strang

Most of my recent work has been with insects, but now that I am back at Mayslake Forest Preserve I am starting to catch up on the botany. I picked up one new forb in recent days, one which tends to pop up here and there as isolated individuals.

Water hemlock, a deadly poisonous member of the carrot family.

I have some catching up to do with grasses. The most valuable of the three I have to share today is bottlebrush grass.

This native savanna species is a valuable tool in restoration work ongoing at Mayslake.

Timothy is another European species, a legacy from the property’s pasture days.

Its elegant simple shape I find attractive, however.

Large patches of redtop, probably a pasture grass here as well although the species is native farther north, are blooming in open areas still awaiting restoration.

This grass is aptly named, the red being clear in masses of it.

So far, so good with these identifications.

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