Demolition Restoration Begins, and Botanical Erratum

by Carl Strang

This week I was happy to see the return of activity in the friary demolition site at Mayslake Forest Preserve. As I reported last fall, the old friary was taken down and the way cleared for the return of its site to a wild state.  The ground still needed grading, the deposition of new topsoil, and seeding. Early in the week, heavy equipment returned.

A bulldozer levels the ground while new soil is delivered.

It’s been a rainy week, so the effort has been slowed. I’m looking forward to the project’s completion.

I need to point you back to my post of a few days ago, describing new sedges and grasses. My photos of the curly-styled wood sedge, Sedum rosea, were not good enough, and so I have replaced them. Also, I reported an incorrect identification of Mayslake’s first flowering grass of the season. It was not timothy, which blooms later in the summer, but rather the meadow foxtail, Alopecurus pratensis. A tip of the hat is due to Scott Namestnik of the Through Handlens and Binoculars blog for helping me with this. I have corrected these items.

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