New Plants for the List 1

by Carl Strang

How many species live in a 90-acre forest preserve? That question is part of the story of a place such as Mayslake. Here in my third growing season at that preserve, I have found more than 200 kinds of herbaceous plants, and that number continues to climb as I turn my attention to additional groups. I also find more woody plants, most recently this wayfaring tree, one of the viburnums.

This Eurasian plant is growing at the edge of 31st Street. It may have been planted there, or found its way on its own. I suppose with a name like “wayfaring tree,” the latter seems a good possibility.

The most recent forb has the charming name of Aunt Lucy.

This little annual is in the same family as the waterleaf.

More spectacular is the shooting star.

It had a chance to shine this year after the controlled burn cleared the way.

Of course, my focus this year is on grasses, sedges and rushes, and I will share some progress on them tomorrow.

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