Goose Broods

by Carl Strang

Canada goose eggs have been hatching, and broods are appearing in our area. I was especially interested in this family that showed up at May’s Lake on Monday.

They have four goslings.

One adult has a band on the left leg. It seems likely that this is the same pair that nested in the parking lot marsh at Mayslake Forest Preserve last year and brought two goslings to fledging. They nested off preserve this year, but apparently not too far away, and brought their brood to last year’s successful rearing grounds.

Meanwhile, the pair nesting in the parking lot marsh this year has left the nest, and I waded out to assess its success.

The egg never pipped, and the gosling in the nest is dead.

In addition to the dead egg and gosling, there were shells indicating at least two more goslings that apparently left the nest with the parents.

Here is an example of a hatched egg.

As neither parent was banded, and I couldn’t be sure of the exact total of hatched eggs, I won’t be able to know if any brood I see is this one. I simply will record brood sizes I see on the preserve as the summer proceeds.


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