Stitching the Roesel’s Katydid Gap

by Carl Strang

I am pleased to report progress in our understanding of Roesel’s katydid, an immigrant from Europe that has become common in northeast Illinois. My previous update was last summer.

Roesel’s katydid is an early season, predaceous species. The yellow crescent on the side of the pronotum is characteristic, along with its distinctive song.

Scott Namestnik and I passed our observations of this species in much of northern Indiana on to Tom Walker, who operates the Singing Insects of North America website (SINA). Tom pursued some of his contacts in Ohio and hit the jackpot. One of them, Philip Chaon, has found Roesel’s in 4 scattered counties in eastern Ohio. Their placement renders the gaps in the species’ distribution small enough to make it seem likely now that Roesel’s is more or less continuous between northern Illinois and the Montreal area where the species first was found on our continent, and on to New Jersey and New Brunswick where published accounts have reported it. Tom already has added our observations to SINA’s map for Roesel’s.

I still intend to make a trip to Cleveland (and the Rock and Roll Museum) in the spring, spot checking for Roesel’s along the way, but now my search can be more targeted, and I will be surprised if I do not find them in the remaining gap counties. Also, as Scott has pointed out, we still need to see how far south the critter has spread.


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  1. June 28, 2011 at 6:13 am

    […] some vacation days for last week, to continue probing the range extension of Roesel’s katydid. As detailed in earlier posts, I have been exploring this European species’ geography, beginning in 2007 when I found some in […]

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