by Carl Strang

The last aboveground corner of the friary at Mayslake Forest Preserve still was standing as November ended, but its final hours were at hand.

I had the chance to see yet another method employed by the crane operator. He was swinging the wrecking ball against the base of an isolated, resistant chimney or stairwell.

I was impressed by the precision with which the ball was employed, not only in its striking point but in the angle from which it struck. The fragment stood as hole after hole was opened in its base. Finally it fell. Here it is starting to topple.

That afternoon I saw this, my final view of the remaining building.

Two mornings later I returned to find the structure gone. Rubble was being removed.

Concrete still needs to be excavated from basements and the site’s periphery, but piles of soil are ready to be spread when that task is done.


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