Going, Going, Going…

by Carl Strang

The former friary at Mayslake Forest Preserve continues to be whittled away by the demolition contractor, opening space for re-establishment of native vegetation and animal life.

The east wing was taken down, and the big crane began to remove the middle of the building’s north side. Meanwhile, materials continued to be sorted. In particular, metals were collected presumably for recycling.

Soon the north side was reduced to two separate fragments.

The western fragment was nibbled away from its east side.

The work evident inside suggested this was a slow process.

For example, here is a pile of lumber removed from that end.

The eastern fragment appeared to be less of a challenge.

It was whittled from the east.

I happened to be present to witness its final moment. A bit of wall was being munched by the big crane’s jaws.

The crane removed a window.

After taking the following picture I started to shift my position.

In that instant the remaining part of the building collapsed. It happened so quickly that by the time I turned my head, this is all there was.

Only one corner portion of the original building complex remains standing.


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  1. July 22, 2011 at 5:56 am

    […] fall I covered the demolition of the old friary at Mayslake Forest Preserve. The building had deteriorated to the point where it was an attractive […]

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