Here They Are!

by Carl Strang

In a recent post I mentioned that I have not seen many meadowhawks at Mayslake Forest Preserve. Two days ago I finally found a bunch there, around the edge of the stream corridor marsh. I saw several white-faced meadowhawks.

There also were a number of autumn meadowhawks.

These latter males were, I suspect, hanging around waiting for a heavy rainstorm. On several occasions I have seen pairs of this species laying their eggs on days after late season rains, the females depositing their prospective offspring on the mud just above the waterline, instinctively trusting that spring downpours will raise the pond level enough to submerge the eggs and stimulate hatching.

That same day, up near the friary demolition site I saw a late-flying shadow darner.

And, as a non-odonate bonus, near the off-leash dog fence I spotted a persisting female fiery skipper.

I treasure these last colorful insects. Soon we enter the long season of quiet.


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