by Carl Strang

I have been watching with interest the demolition of the old friary at Mayslake Forest Preserve. In part I am looking forward to documenting the transformation of the new bit of vegetated landscape that will follow. But the demolition process is interesting, too. They started by removing the outbuildings. Now only the basements and foundations of those remain.

The main building is starting to come down.

I had imagined a wrecking ball, but no.

The crane’s bucket simply takes out large-bite-sized chunks of wall. It’s not haphazard destruction. Materials are piled according to type.

They took out the south wall first, exposing the courtyard. I was impressed that they had lifted a tractor onto the roof to move and sort materials there.

It seems like it might be hazardous to the operator, but given how competently they seem to be operating, I doubt that they would take unnecessary risks. I’ll continue to post updates as the demolition progresses.

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