Targeted Searching

by Carl Strang

In a scattered series of posts over the past couple of years I have been sharing my efforts to find all the various species of singing insects in northeastern Illinois, beginning with my own DuPage County. My next step will be to search in specific places that may meet the habitat needs of certain specialist ground cricket and meadow katydid species. I have a huge advantage in this, as my own employing organization, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, has mapped out all the ca. 25,000 acres of preserves into their constituent plant communities. For instance, here’s a portion of the map for Mayslake Forest Preserve, where I have my office.

An incredible effort by many people in the District’s Natural Resources department has produced these maps, which categorize and rate the various habitat types. So, I will be able to focus my search in high quality examples of, say, sedge meadows, or wooded fens, or rocky stream edges. I’ll be sharing the results here as I do so.

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