Additions to the Plant List

by Carl Strang

Yesterday I overviewed flowering plant phenology for August at Mayslake Forest Preserve. During my lunchtime survey walks I also found ten new species for the Mayslake list. One of these was a woody plant, buttonbush.

Perhaps the showiest addition was the rough blazing star.

Climbing false buckwheat is an herbaceous vine.

The tall ground cherry has lantern-like fruits.

The asters are a diverse and somewhat tricky group for me. I believe this one is the stiff aster. I found it growing in an appropriate location, the north savanna ridge.

The other added species are pinkweed, three-seeded mercury, golden glow, swamp agrimony, and wild lettuce. Three of these new species are in genus Polygonum, bringing the total Mayslake species count in that genus up to six.


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