August Flowering Phenology

by Carl Strang

Another month is past, and so it’s time to update the flowering phenology at Mayslake Forest Preserve. As I have had to do this year, again I divided the species into two groups: those I found after their flowering was well established, and those I found as they were just starting to bloom. The first group consisted of 16 species, and they bloomed a median 7 days later than in 2009 (range 12 days earlier to 30 later than last year).

Partridge pea was one of two species representing that median difference. The 11 species for which I am confident about their first flowering dates, in contrast, bloomed a median 7 days earlier than they did in 2009 (range 21 days earlier to 8 later). For what it’s worth, the median for the combined groups was 2 days earlier. So, the overall trend of an earlier season has continued, but the difference appears to be less than it was earlier in the year. Late season plants seem to be less affected by soil temperatures early in the year.


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