Mayslake Insect Phenology July

by Carl Strang

Though I was at Mayslake Forest Preserve less in July than in June, I was able to note a larger number of new insect species appearances for the year. Among the 18 species for which I had 2009 first sightings to compare, the range was 30 days later than last year to 83 days earlier, with a median of 12 days earlier. This result continues the pattern observed so far for both insects and flowers this year, resulting from 2010’s being so much warmer than 2009.

I also added five new species to Mayslake’s insect list: viceroy and red-spotted purple butterflies (above photo of the latter species at Fullersburg, 2006), Halloween pennant and spot-winged glider dragonflies, and protean shieldback (a predaceous katydid).

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