Mayslake Flowering Phenology July

by Carl Strang

I have continued to follow flowering phenology at Mayslake Forest Preserve as best I can this season, given frequent periods of absence. In most cases (31 species) I found plants whose flowering was well under way in July. Those plants consequently showed a wide range of differences from last year’s first flowering date, ranging from 26 days earlier to 27 days later, with a median of 4 days earlier than in 2009.

I was reasonably confident that my first flowering dates were correct for 6 species, and those cases told a different story. The range was 5-38 days earlier than in 2009, with a median of 18.5 days. Even so late in the season, plants continue to show earlier flowering than in 2009. This I attribute to last year’s unusual coolness.

In the process I found three new species for the preserve list, including peppermint.

The others were mullein foxglove, featured earlier, and lead plant. Like mullein foxglove, lead plant’s presence is attributable to the restoration work of forest preserve district volunteers and staff.


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