Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle

by Carl Strang

One of the highlights of the Roger Raccoon Club campout at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve is the creek walk.

Usually there are at least a couple enthusiastic crayfish seekers who lag behind the main group, and I stay with them for safety sake. That gives me plenty of time to notice a broader range of flora and fauna, and I found some tiger beetles along Sawmill Creek’s margin.

My references point to the identity of this insect as the twelve-spotted tiger beetle. It is a widespread and common species of pond and stream edges. The lifespan is two years, the predatory, tunnel-dwelling larvae surviving in the frozen wet substrate over winter.


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  1. September 16, 2010 at 6:19 am

    […] there. I hadn’t noticed any unusual songs along that stream before, for instance during the Roger Raccoon Club’s creek walks, but I hadn’t known then that the variegated ground cricket is a habitat specialist […]

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