Culver Block Counts

by Carl Strang

At the end of July during a visit to Culver, Indiana, I decided to initiate a new block count of singing insects.

This is a method I have been using for a few years around my home in Warrenville, Illinois, to assess singing insects quantitatively. Now I will be able to compare those results to counts from a second location, though with my parents thankfully resuming their independence my Culver counts will be relatively few. I will need to make several counts on each of the days I am there.

The method consists of walking around a residential block, counting the singing insects of each species that I hear.

The first counts at Culver produced results similar to those I have been getting at Warrenville. In both locations, the lawn-loving striped ground cricket is the most abundant species. The biggest difference is that in Culver I heard 9 fall field crickets on the inaugural walk.

I have yet to hear any this year at my Warrenville block, though I have found them there in past years.


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