Mayslake Lepidoptera Update

by Carl Strang

As we move into autumn, the lateness of the season calls for us to enjoy the more ephemeral beauties of nature while we still have them. Monarch butterflies have completed their local mating and egg-laying, and have begun the migration south toward Mexico.

Monarchs mating b

Earlier in the season at Mayslake Forest Preserve I found this larva of the moth Cycnia tenera on its usual food plant, dogbane.

Cycnia tenera b

Tiger swallowtails are one of our more spectacular butterflies.

Tiger swallowtail 1b

They will overwinter in the pupal form. Late season species include the summer azure.

Summer azure b

Larvae of this little butterfly feed on flowers in the composite (sunflower) family; I have seen them laying eggs on wingstem at Fullersburg . Another common late summer species is Peck’s skipper.

Peck's skipper b

There probably will be little more to report on this group at Mayslake until next year.

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