Back to the River

by Carl Strang

Last week I made my fourth dragonfly monitoring excursion of the season by kayak on the Des Plaines River (last updated here ). It was a pleasant, early autumn day. Practically nothing was happening over the center of the river, but there was more action near shore. I found only two dragonfly species. Eastern amberwings remained common, and I also saw a few jade clubtails. Here is one of the latter.

Jade clubtail 3SEb

September 3 is a late date for that species. Damselflies were common, and in general were the same species I had seen on the previous outing in early August. The only new species was a tiny skimming bluet, which perched for a time on my deck line.

Skimming bluet 3SEb

Otherwise, highlights included patches of halberd-leaved rose mallows,

Halberd-leaved rose mallow b

and the best surprise of all, a single sandhill crane hunting in one of Waterfall Glen’s marsh streams.

Sandhill crane 2b

I hope to get on that river at least one more time this year.

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