Some Wetland Plants

by Carl Strang

To this point in the season I have included wetland plants with prairie plants in my accounts of species flowering at Mayslake Forest Preserve. This time I’ll feature them separately. It has been a while since the common cattails flowered.

Cattail b

Their seeds are ripening now. Though elderberry can occur in woodlands, at Mayslake this shrub grows mainly in wetlands.

Elderberry 1b

The pink and white flowers of swamp milkweed are my favorites in genus Asclepias.

Swamp milkweed 2b

Spotted Joe Pye weed is a wetland plant that superficially resembles its woodland relative, purple Joe Pye weed.

Spotted joe-pye weed b

A less conspicuous wetland species is the common water horehound.

Common water horehound b

Most buttercups bloom early in the season. An exception is the bristly buttercup.

Bristly buttercup b

Two of the knotweeds recently began to bloom along the stream: Lady’s thumb

Lady's thumb 2b

and smartweed.

Smartweed 1b

Late summer brings hummingbirds, gradually making their way south. Among the flowers that especially appeal to them, being red and tubular in shape, is the cardinal flower.

Cardinal flower 2b

Finally, here is the first of the late season beggar’s ticks group, the bur marigold.

Bur marigold b

And that brings us up to date.

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