Roots of Inquiry: Roger Raccoon Club

by Carl Strang

One of the children’s programs I help conduct each year is a camp for 9-12-year-olds called the Roger Raccoon Club. This is one of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s efforts to give suburban kids the opportunity to experience nature through free-form play and exploration. We provide instruction in basic safety, and offer ideas, but then maximize the free time and turn the kids loose. Though inquiry is not part of the curriculum, naturally it comes up. For instance, we teach the safe capture, handling and release of small animals.

RRC09 3b

The children spend an impressive amount of their own time, then, on the hunt.

RRC09 11b

Their explorations may give them experiences of looking into water,

RRC09 22b

immersing themselves in water,

RRC09 14b

and climbing trees.

RRC09 18b

Creative manipulation of plants may produce a necklace

RRC09 12b

or a magic wand.

RRC09 29b

Following a dry streambed to see where it goes can lead to the discovery of a Silurian cephalopod.

RRC09 37b

Fascination with fire led one boy to see what would happen if he scorched leaves.

RRC09 31b

He reported that some smelled, surprisingly, like apple cider, while others didn’t. My only participation in the process was to suggest that odors are chemicals and heat can produce chemical changes. Where any of these experiences will lead is impossible to say, but I believe it is important that all children have them.


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    […] week was the first session of this year’s Roger Raccoon Club. One of the highlights always is the creek hike, which takes place during the overnight campout. We […]

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