Wildflower Break

by Carl Strang

It’s time for another wildflower break, as I continue to follow the phenology of plants at Mayslake Forest Preserve. New arrivals in recent days included a few sand coreopsis blooming in the elevated dry area surrounding the parking lot marsh.

Sand coreopsis b

At the edge of the woods skirting the mansion grounds I found the preserve’s fourth buttercup species, a tall buttercup.

Tall buttercup 1b

New shrubs are flowering as well: gray dogwood, which at Mayslake is not posing a problem in the prairie;

Gray dogwood 2b

and ninebark.

Ninebark 1b

Though the last is a native species, clearly it was planted here as a landscape enhancement along 31st Street. Last in today’s installment is smooth Solomon’s seal.

Smooth Solomon's seal b

This last plant will get a mention tomorrow as well, in a different context.

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