CBC Part 2

By Carl Strang


Yesterday I outlined the story of a shared day with other birders in the Christmas Bird Count. Today I am finishing with some of the birds we were especially happy to find, species we certainly don’t see every winter day.


One of these species was the purple finch. We saw both males




and female-plumaged individuals, some of which may have been first-year males.




The single most unusual bird of the day was this rusty blackbird.




Its head showed the sharply contrasting rusty tones of winter plumage that give the species its name, but this male appeared to be delayed in its body feather molt.




A final species of special interest was the eastern bluebird. We saw two small groups of them, one along the Prairie Path containing this female.




The second group was at Kline Creek Farm, and included this hackberry-loving male.



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